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Cellar Darling's first official video out

A few days ago Cellar Darling presented their first single and video from the upcoming album ‘This Is The Sound’: Black Moon.

They wrote a few words about their first video:

"‘Black Moon’ is one of the first songs we wrote after our debut single last year, and probably the point where we definitely “found” our sound. Ivo randomly called his original demo ‘Moon’ and that triggered the idea of a story based on the fear of a black moon... So, as a lyrical theme, we ended up exploring mankind’s tendency to add an apocalyptic interpretation to the lunar eclipse."

Photos from the set and the video. Source: Cellar Darling (Facebook)

Cellar Darling did a bunch of preshows across Europe promoting their upcoming album.

We've attended the concert in Ljubljana so let's refresh our memories.

After movie of their concert in Ljubljana with a short interview with Anna Murphy at the beginning of the video.

The concert's highlights put together in a video.

Their first album will be out on 30 of June this summer. After that, they will continue with their shows. You can see the list of their upcoming shows here:

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