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Andrea Dugandžić, Soorowah, is an artist from Zadar. We know her from the band Nikola's Cage but recently she started with her solo career and she published her first single - Deceiver. She worked on the single with the producer Šima Barbarić from the Street Pulse record label. The lyrics were were written by her, the music was written by her and Luka Baranović.

She is known for her diverse vocals and this is obviously just a beginning of her solo journey.

The song was recorded Zagreb. Šime Barbarić is the executive producer of the song, the production, bass guitar recording and drum programming was done by Ivan Božanić, who also mixed and mastered the song.

"Deceiver" will be on the Street Pulse vinyl compilation which should be released at the end of this year.

When we asked Andrea about the song, she told us she wrote about indoctrination and dogma.

The message is the liberation of man from his own shadows (C. G. Jung), implanted beliefs and freedom of spirit.

Often "the old ones" or religions or any collective mind imposes on us that we are sinners if we are free, prohibitions are constantly imposed on us and we are restrained with negative messages, which prevents us from growing spiritually.

I made the song like any other, first I recorded the bass and vocals because that's the only thing I know, and then Luka helped me with the line on the acoustic guitar. Only then did the song fully come to life. Luka is a really talented musician and I am lucky to have someone like him on this journey. I want to emphasize that the song is not about only one religion/dogma, but about everything that hinders us from thinking freely. But like any work of art, be it a painting or music, the message depends on the listener and how he understands it. I hope that everyone will find a piece of freedom for themselves and get rid of any fear or anything that is holding them back on their way to freedom.

Almost two years ago we did an interview with Andrea where we talked about Nikola's Cage.

The band has always had amazing performances and their own fan base. You can learn more about them via the video below.

We also did an interview with the band the year before, you can find it here.


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