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Therion & Satra @ Tvornica kulture

Satra is coming to Tvornica culture with Therion.

They will join Therion on the second part of the European tour "Leviathan", while in the first part of the tour the support group was the great Keops from Croatia.

Date: March 10, 2024 (Sunday). Place: Tvornica kulture, Zagreb

Tickets at a presale price of 33 euros can be purchased in the Dirty Old Shop or online via CoreEvent / 37 euros at the entrance.

Satra is a Finnish symphonic metal band formed in Lappeenranta four years ago it is led by the vocalist Pilvi Tahkola. So far they have released the EP "My Burned Paradise" and the single "Travellers" in 2023. This will be their first performance in Croatia.

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Therion was founded in 1987 by Christofer Johnsson in Upplands Väsby, Sweden. Therion released its first studio album "Of Darkness..." in 1991. and called it "the end of an era". The sound then was progressive death, and from about 1996 their symphonic phase begins with the experimental album "Theli". They draw the inspiration for the music from occultism, mythology, ancient records and magical practices, etc., but also composers such as Wagner, Strauss and bands such as Scorpions, Uriah Heep and Judas Priest. The band have released 18 albums so far, and the latest one will be released on December 15. It will be "Leviathan III", the last of the trilogy of the same name, which they started with in 2021 and which will be promoted on this occasion at Tvornica kulture. In November, they published a music video for the single "Ayahuasca". The band members are: Christofer Johnsson (guitar, keyboards), Sami Karppinen (drums), Nalle "Grizzly" Påhlsson (bass), Thomas Vikström (lead vocals), Christian Vidal (guitar), Lori Lewis (vocals – in the studio). On this tour they are joined by Chris David (bass), Chiara Malvestiti (vocals) and Rosalía Sairem (vocals).

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