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After five years of silence, The Loudest Silence released a new single 'The Core'.

Source: TLS

The Loudest Silence released their new single 'The Core'.

The band released the five years after their very much successful debi album 'Aesthetic Illusion'.

Besides their cover of 'Heart-Shaped Box' (2022), this single is their new original work.

In the last five years the band had a few changes. The drummer Damir Sinanović - Bumbar and guitarist Mirza Ćorić left the band. However, the band continued to work on their music and now can officially announced that the stuff is coming in 2024.

The band already recorded demo versions for 7 songs and is working on the title for the new album.

The new single is produced and mixed by Joost van den Broek (EPICA, BLIND GUARDIAN, POWERWOLF, AYREON, AFTER FOREVER).

Vocals and keyboards are recorded in the same studio where Taida recorded the vocals for the legendary THERION - Behind the Forest studio in Munchen. Bass was recorded in Sarajevo,

The band is definitely bringing something new and the material will probably be surprising for their fans and fans of symphonic metal in general.

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