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PLACEBO | ZAGREB | 27/6/2022

Source: LAA

The concert's getting closer.

Šalata, Zagreb, 27/6/2022

Support: Jonathan

Placebo is returning to Zagreb and the concert's almost here! It's been postponed due to the pandemic but this time the date is safe and we are now counting days until showtime.

The support group will be the band Jonathan from Rijeka, one of the biggest names in the region. They shared the stage with lot of big names, such as Editors and Killers. They also had a tour across the USA in 2019 when they played in six countries. Their new single Have It All, along with Falling, are the announcement for their upcoming, 4th studio album.

Placebo's fan base has been growing over the years and today they are one of the most popular alternative rock bands in the world. Few years ago, in 2017, they had their 20th anniversary tour. It was thought that will be their final tour. However, they continued to create they one-of-a-kind music and they returned to the world's stages.

An interesting fact - in the new season of Stranger Things, the song Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush once again proved how beautiful and important it is. However, one of the actors, Jamie Campbell Bower, told the press and public that he was preparing for the role listening to Placebo's version of the song.

Placebo's eight studio album Never Let Me Go was released in March 2022.

Tickets: The tickets bought for previous dates can be used for this one. 240 kn before the concert. 260 kn on the day of the concert.

VIP tickets 390 kn until the 31.05., from 01.06 - 430 kn.

Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 18), Rockmark (Berislavićeva 13), Aquarius CD Shop (Varšavska 13), Dallas music shop in Rijeka +


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