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TOLMINATOR METAL FEST 25.-28.07.2023 / Tolmin, Slovenia Web: IG: FB: Tickets available on October 4th! Ticket shop: ..............................................................


Dear Metalheads, We are many that are in love with Tolmin, Soča and of course Metal. This is why we refuse to let the Metal tradition in Tolmin just fade away. After all, these grounds provided so many cool&funny stories, new relationships and many, many smiles on the faces of fans, band members and us who were working on the festival. All of this combined made the mighty Tolminator arise! Tolminator called, the message was plain and simple: 'Let's make a festival by the Metal fans for the Metal fans and let's have fucking fun!' Many of us who have been a part of the festival answered the call. Tolminator is a friend and protector of Tolmin and he wants us to obey the demands the town of Tolmin has. This means the festival will have a capacity of 5.000 Metal fans. The lineup will not have as many big headliners as the previous editions of festivals in Tolmin, but Tolminator is 100% sure that the Dirty Skunks team and its crew will do a fine job as always. Tolminator is of course also environment friendly, so he asked the brothers & sisters of Punk Rock Holiday festival to share their knowledge regarding that and the overall production. Tolminator wants you all to be secure, that's why you can expect the same faces of security personnel as every year. Tolminator has just been given a green light by the Mayor of Tolmin, so a new era is upon us! Join the Tolminator family!

For more information, follow the official pages and the Facebook event.


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