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Just recently, Germany’s Cult Thrashers NECRONOMICON announced their new 11th studio album in the works, and today the band reveals new details about their yet untitled effort!

Freddy, the band's frontman and vocalist shares:

12 songs are written and today 12.05.2022 the 13th song will be finished. 13 songs full of power and hardness. A wide spectrum from typical thrash metal versions over punk-heavy versions to driving midtempi songs. Next week the lyrics for the vocal parts will be written and after that Marco and Freddy will fly to Canada to record the drum parts with Rik.

Earlier Freddy revealed on the album topics:

As the world is becoming to resemble the H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon (Book of Dead) we have decided to deal with the current situation in Ukraine and in general with the topic of war and violence against children and women. Musically I would like to tie in with "The Final Chapter" and deliver a wide range of song material which also means a new beginning, a new chapter of the band with Rik and Glen at the same time... Again Achim Köhler will do the mixing and mastering. You can be curious.

More details TBA, stay tuned!


Not so long ago, we talked with Necronomicon. If you haven't watched the interview, you can do it HERE.

NECRONOMICON released their latest effort, the 10th studio album "The Final Chapter" on March 26th, 2021 via El Puerto Records.

Check out NECRONOMICON's singles from “The Final Chapter”:

"The Stormreaper" (Official Lyric Video) -

"Purgatory" (Official Lyric Video) -

"Me Against You" (Official Lyric Video) -

"Wall Of Pain" (Official Lyric Video) -

NECRONOMICON's Studio albums:

1985: Necronomicon

1987: Apocalyptic Nightmare (Gama-Records)

1988: Escalation (Gama-Records)

1994: Screams (D & S Records)

2004: Construction of Evil (Remedy-Records)

2008: Revenge of the Beast (Xtreem Music)

2012: Invictus (Massacre Records)

2015: Pathfinder... Between Heaven and Hell

2018: Unleashed Bastards (El Puerto Records)

2021: The Final Chapter (El Puerto Records)

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