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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

New alternative metal force from Rijeka, Mamut, is definitely bringing something new on the metal music scene in Croatia & beyond

Mamut consists of guitarists Borna Žderić and Ivo Jurčić, rhythm sections Nino Šafar on bass and Rok Božić behind drums.

We watched them play live on Dark Circle Fest 2021.

Album artwork

Recently the band released their second single and video, Kruna (Crown). The first one, Nihilist, got released earlier this year, in April.

You can read more about Kruna HERE.

The 2nd video for the single Kruna means a lot to the band because that was their first video which they made by themselves. They like to emphasize that it was really a team effort.

The names we need to mention when it comes to making of Kruna, besides band's members, are:

Hana Barić - camera & editing. She's been working with the band for the last couple of years. She worked on videos for the band's 2nd EP and helped with the video for Nihilist.

Iva Tomić who assisted on the shooting of the video. She followed the shooting with a camera and made amazing photos and also helped with the production of the video.

And Sara Chelli who also helped with the video a lot.

For Ivo this was the first video he directed. But, as he would say

"without an amazing team nothing of this would be possible".

Their first studio album Nihilist will be released on the 30th of October via Snaga Records and we had the opportunity to listen to it in advance. The album consists of 9 songs. The lyrics are based mainly on social criticism but are also an introspective to the human psychology, mostly regarding existentialist issues. Also, everything is singed in Croatian. The lyrics are clever and wise, very truthful and sometimes vulgar, creating a tough and heavy atmosphere and with band's guitar, bass and drum sections and very interesting vocals, truly a perfect sound. Also, the lyrics are more like poetry which definitely brings this band of a level up.

The band creates a mixture of different metal elements so the perfect genre for them is definitely alternative metal. Still, they don't like to limit themselves when it comes to genre. It needs to be said that the vocals are extremely interesting, they combine talking with singing and screaming. Not one part of any song lacks of intensity. The tension in each song gets bigger and differs from the beginning until the end of the song and each song has its own story indeed.

We wanted to hear from the band so this review and announcement of the album gets on a next level, with much more information for all the fans and interested audience in general.

We are introducing our new section DIPARTICLE TV and Mamut was our first guest of many.

We talked about their music, their album, their videos and future plans.

Thank you Ivo & Mamut, it was a pleasure.

Enjoy the interview.

We talked in Croatian but the video has hardcoded English subtitles.


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