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Updated: May 24, 2022



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Iron Maiden opened their Legacy of the Beast World tour last night @ Arena Zagreb.

The stage was warmed up by the support band Lord of the Lost. Iron Maiden came out on time, sometime before 21h.

The Arena was full and the atmosphere was fantastic. People were ecstatic.

The band started the show with songs from their new album, Stratego, Senjutsu & The Writing on the Wall.

After that, in the upcoming hour and a half (apx), the band played a lot of hits such as Fear of the Dark, Sign Of The Cross, Blood Brothers, Iron Maiden.. Later, after the encore they played The Trooper, The Clansman, Run To The Hills, Aces High.

It's truly amazing to see how the Iron Maiden fanbase gets bigger and richer from year to year, even after all this time. The band somehow manages to stay powerful and true to itself and all of that loyalty and love of the fans are passing successfully to next generations.

Regarding the special effects on the stage, there were fireworks, fire, a lot of props changing through the concert. Eddie, the Iron Maiden's mascot at one point came to the stage as a samurai, like on their latest album. The crowd went crazy.

This concert was indeed a walk through Iron Maiden's music career. The band played for two hours and those were fulfilling and memorable hours in every sense of the word.

This was truly an amazing show and it's not hard to say that this Tour's going to be amazing in every possible way. Thank you IRON MAIDEN.



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