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Entropist, a three piece instrumental band from Rijeka, announced their debut album. The band is known for their different soundscapes, a combination of heavy parts and gentle passages. They are often described as doom, stoner, sludge, space rock band.

They've been creating music since 2018, in the summer of 2022 they had a recording session and know they are thrilled to announced their first, self entitled album.

The first single from their upcoming debut album coming out February 20th 2023

is Xū Xiù [ X u X i u ], a 9 minute long single. It's very easy to travel somewhere far away in your mind while listening to this music.

When they announced their single, they wrote

In stars, 20.02.2023. is shaping up to be a big one for us. Are you ready for this fragment of space oddentity?

Also, their cover art includes the universe and specific star constellations. Xu Xiu, for example, is one of the 3 Chinese constellations that overlaps Aquarius.

There definitely is something spacey and different in Entropist's music. Also, a combination of quiteness and loud sounds creates different emotions, filled with heavy thoughts but also hopeful thinking. Because, really, while thinking about space, one doesn't know what to feel. However, it is always interesting and challenging to think about stuff we don't at all understand. This connection between music and space makes the whole story a lot more interesting. So, we can't wait for the whole album to come out.

Artwork by Ena Priselec Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ognjen Kekanovic at Studio OPP

We had a pleasure to see the band play live at Dark Circle Fest in Rijeka in 2021.


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