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Dark Circle Fest X | METAL FEAST

Deseta obljetnica najmračnijeg festivala u znaku teških nota i gurmanskih užitaka

15.&16./9/2023., Palach, Rijeka

10th edition of the Festival will combine music and food.

15.9. 20h:


Diamond Dust, Nether, Zenoth,

NoTToday, Totem i Morska Bolest.

METAL FEAST on the 16th.,from 2pm

The feast is an addition to the Festival and if you want to join, you need to let the organisation know so the food would be prepared. All the information about the program and prices can be found here:

There will also be a quiz and a documentary about DCF.

At 20h the concerts will take place.


SitiS, Krematorium, Defiant, Serpentslain, Bednja, Corpse Grinder i SpellScroll.

DARK MERCH will be available, in collaboration with All Things Rotten.

Donations: Azil za Pse -Društvo za zaštitu životinja Rijeka


daj ticket: 8€

festival ticket: 13€


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