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After two successful singles, Croatian outfit Soulcase presents their debut release 'Devour'. The EP features four tracks, in which Soulcase takes you through dark atmospheres and complex feelings. The lyrics are autobiographical and deal with the introspection of the mind, as a complex and unpredictable entity. You can listen to ‘Devour’ on all streaming services and you can support the band by purchasing the EP in digital form via Bandcamp or by purchasing a physical copy via their Facebook page.

The opening track is "Darkest Minds" for which the band has released a great video which is available on their YouTube channel. The video was recorded and colour graded by Mateo Jurčić. The editing was done by Tino Margan.

The band describes "Darkest Minds" as an aggressive and determined song about fighting your own demons. Those who have experienced some form of struggle with themselves and confronted their fears will find themselves in this track.


Soulcase is an alt rock band from Croatia. The band was founded in 2019 when a group of friends decided to start a new chapter on their creative journey. Determined to create their own and unique sound they started making music. As a result, the first few songs were created.

Inspiration for Soulcase comes from their own lives and the music reflects their feelings, thoughts, fears, relationships and doubts. Also, their sound and lyrics are strongly influenced by closely related art forms such as film and literature. By combining dark and heavy riffs with catchy melodies, Soulcase creates a simple but necessary formula for connecting listeners with primal emotions and feelings conveyed by their songs.

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