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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Source: diparticle

The first night of two big nights @ Arena Pula passed- the Arctic Monkeys concert is behind us.

What needs to be mentioned is the crowd waiting around Arena around 19h (even before). There were long lines of people from all over the world waiting to enter the Arena. Personally, I haven’t seen something like that until know.

The stage was firstly warmed up by the band Inhaler. The Arena was already full during their concert.

Everything was on the clock, on time.

The Arctic Monkeys started with the show with the hit The View From the Afternoon.

The concert started with the show on time and the one hour and a half concert was a great show for all the fans inside and all the fans who were sitting outside of the Arena. A lot of people didn’t get the chance to buy a ticket so the surroudings of the Arena were crowded too.

Arena was full and the atmosphere was truly amazing. The stage was beautiful.

Source: diparticle

The band played a lot of old songs which is truly amazing for all the older fans. They also played more recent stuff and a bunch of songs from the AM album.

Snap Out of It, Are You Mine, Do I Wanna Know, Arabella, Why You Only Call Me

When You’re High?, Do Me a Favour, I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, No.1 Party Anthem - these are just some of the hits that triggered the public’s jumping and loud singing.

The public gave a strong feedback to the band, with loud cheering through the whole concert.

People came from all over the world, but mostly Europe.

Also, Arena once again showed to be an amazing venue for concerts.

The Arctic Monkeys never talk much on their shows but they communicate with a strong setlist and very focused and precise shows. The public, however, loudly showed respect and appreciation.

The big applause goes to the organizers of the concert, too.

A great night indeed.

Thank you Arctic Monkeys!


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