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Bullet For My Valentine (source: Twilight Promotion)

Bullet For My Valentine will play in Croatia for the first time. The concert will be held in Zagreb in the Boogaloo Club, on the 2nd of April, where the band will promote their new album Gravity.

Bullet For My Valentine is a metalcore band from UK. The band was founded in 1998 in Wales under a different name, Jeff Killed John. Sometime later the band changed its name and released the first album The Poison in 2005. The band held a lot of concerts around the world and released overall 6 albums. It was awarded many times and they played as special guests for many big names, such Iron Maiden & Metallica.

The members of the band are: Matt Tuck, Michael Paget, Jamie Mathias and Jason Dowld.

For this tour, the band wanted smaller concerts in smaller spaces, so the tickets will be sold out in a short period of time. The concert will begin at 20h and the tickets (from the 1st of February) can be found or via or in this places:

Boogaloo Club (10 – 16 sati) – Ulica garda Vukovara 68

Dirty Old Shop – Tratinska 18

Octopus Piercing & Tatto Shop – Gundulićeva 31

Rockmark – Berislavićeva 13

Kloto – Masarykova 14

Valhalla Beer Bar – Radićeva 25

Dallas Music Shop Rijeka – Splitska 2a


First 200 tickets for the price of 170 kn

Regular price: 210 kn

On the day of the koncert: 240kn

Poster: Twilight Promotion

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