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Kyterion is an Italian themed Black metal band that draws its inspiration from the most famous work of Italian writer Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy.

They released 2 albums, "Inferno I" in 2016 and "Inferno II" in 2018 via Subsound Records, focused on the first canticle of the eternal poem 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri, and featuring lyrics in XIIIth century's Italian Vernacular language.

They already toured many times supporting bands as Kampfar, Inquisition, Taake, Negura Bunget...

Band memebers are unknown, and so are their appearances, but they will give us all nine circles of Dante's Hell at GoatHell Metal Fest.


Source: GoatHell Metal Fest

Feelament is female fronted groove metal band formed in 2014 in Zelenograd, Russia. The single "Sunday" was immediately released, which became the hallmark of the band and laid the foundation for the first EP "Feel The Moment" in just a year. The well-known guitarist and leader of popular russian band Rashamba Yevgeny Kusto-Borovinsky performed as sound engineer. On December 24, 2017, the debut video for the song “What’s the price” was released. Next, the single became part of the first full-length work of the team. On March 16, 2018 the first LP "Hate Delivery" was released. The album is made in the concept of a fantastic cosmo-thriller, which leaves space for the listener's imagination. The sound engineer was Max Morton known for his work with such monsters of the metal scene as Jinjer, Morton, Ignea and many other bands. Feelament shared the stage with many bands, such as Butcher Babies, Jinjer, Infected Rain, Pokerface, Mass Madness, Be Under Arms, and many others.


Source: GoatHell Metal Fest

Even Flow is a Progressive Metal band born in the late ‘90s in Sassari , Italy. In 2008 the band released its debut EP "Dream Weaver" receiving an universal acclaim from fans and critics. Two years later the band entered the studio to record the second album "Ancient Memories", which reveals a more mature and eclectic sound. After that, Even Flow is selected to participate to the final contest of the Sweden Rock Festival among over 2.000 bands. That same year, the band goes to their first European tour .

In 2013 the band entered the studio to record its third album "Flower Paths", an acoustic EP. 2015 started with the second European tour, followed by the third one at the end of the year, as special guest for Orphaned Land. The tour resulted with the seven sold out shows at Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Lille, Manchester, London, and Paris (double sold out).

Fourth Even Flow’s studio album, "Life Has Just Begun", was released on December 8, 2017 through Mjriam Inc. The album was recorded by Bob Katsionis and mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen.

In its career, the band has collaborated with numerous names such as Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Mike Lepond (Symphony X), Fabrizio Di Sarno (Paul Di'Anno, Angra), Jani Loikas (Nocturnal Winds) ,...etc.

Source: GoatHell Metal Fest

GoatHell Metal Fest will take place in Pula from 4-7 of July 2019.


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