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We had an opportunity to speak with Vladimir Jevicki, the guitarist from Chaos Addict. We talked about the band's past, their first album and future plans.

ABOUT CHAOS ADDICT (from official webpage)

Chaos Addict is a thrash metal band from Slavonski Brod formed in June 2010. In the Spring of 2010 guitar players Vladimir Jevicki and Ivan Matković along with bass player Endi Colić developed an idea about forming an original band. Original material has been put aside, and they decided to form a Megadeth cover band. On June 10th 2010 Marijan Vuko joins the band as a lead singer and since then the band has been known as Chaos Addict.

Being the only Megadeth cover band in the whole region was an excellent choice which gave Chaos Addict opportunities to perform in many clubs, festivals both in Croatia and BiH, to acquire contacts for later collaborations, to gain knowledge, to gather a significant fan base and more importantly, to establish a name and reputation on the Croatian metal scene. Their days of intensively performing as a Megadeth cover band culminated in March of 2011. by making a DVD „Live in Željezničar“.

In November of 2011 Tomislav Marić replaced Siniša Vasilić as a drummer and the band continued to perform with that line-up. Since the beginning of 2012 the idea of original work, came to life again. They were forced to slow down due to lack of adequate place for rehearsals and recording. So, the process around distributing and publishing original materials had to wait. Nevertheless, their original songs were introduced to their fans at every concert. For their first single 'Everlasting Misery' the band released a video in March 2013. At the beginning of 2014 Zoran Mišić becomes a new singer of the band which cause a new touch for vocals and also for music on album. After the album was finished, Zoran moved to Germany and the band found a short-termed replacement, Dino Jelusić. Last year Miro Lozar joined the band as the official vocals.

Their debut album was released in June 2017 and the official promotion was held in their hometown, Slavonski Brod, on the 10th on June. Inciter came to give them support and play with them.



What would you say, how much has the band achieved since 2010 to date?

Well, I think we achieved a lot. We started as Megadeth tribute band, that's where the name came from. We sort of got lucky because in that way, being a tribute band, we held a lot of concerts. For the first two years we only played as Megadeth, after that we began to work on originals.

Can you tell us your opinion about the metal scene in Croatia and can you compare it with the scene abroad?

That's a hard question. We all think that the scene here is falling apart. Today is sort of a trend to create tribute bands which is profitable because the audience love tribute bands. The public is not so interested in original bands. I wouldn't know who's fault this is but I do hope that this trend will go away soon. I think abroad things work differently.

Tell us about your first and relatively new album „Sacrament of Hope“? You recorded the album in Rijeka, you collaborated with Björn Strid & Dino Jelusić… tell us more. Is there some interesting story you can share with us?

The album was a two year process but the recording and mixing lasted even longer. We couldn't record all at once so we recorded each song separately depending on our free time and other factors. We are very thankful to Davor Tomić Pinky on his effort and patience during the whole process. The album has 9 songs. One of them is a cover song of Toto's 'I Will Remember'. Recently we released a video we made for that cover. Since the album has been developing for a long time, we made a combination of several different genres. We wouldn't even know how to define the genre our music belongs to. But, to be honest, that is not a problem for us.


The collaboration with Bjorn was a coincidence. We saw that he was interested in collaborations. We sent an e-mail, attached a song and asked if he is interested. It is important to say that he finished everything in a very short period and that's admirable. And Dino.... well.. that guy is incredible. We wanted him exactly for that song (Toto cover) and we think he did a phenomenal job. Also, we recently released this cover for Nota Bene Records in a digital format.


You had some changes with the band's members and you were very patient regarding the first album. Are you happy with how everything worked out?

Given the years of our existence and all the experience, those changes we made weren't that big. Before recording the album, we needed to find a new drummer and new vocals. After we finished the album, Zoran Mišić had to move to Germany so we had Dino Jelusić for a short time period. Luckily, last year we found our new vocals, Miro Lozar and he truly knew his way around, which is great.

Are there any future plans?

We plan to promote the album as much as we can and we will work on our second album. The plan is to play more and to visit as many cities as possible, not just in Croatia but also abroad. You can expect us!


BAND'S BIOGRAPHY AND PHOTOS: Official webpage and band's archive

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