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Wintersun @ Tvornica kulture, Zagreb

Wintersun will be promoting their new album in Croatia too. The concert will be held in Tvornica kulture in Zagreb, on the 9th of October. Before them the stage will be taken by Whispered & Black Therapy.

Wintersun's album The Forest Seasons was released on the 21st of July. This is their third studio album, after Wintersun (2004) & Time (2012).

(Photo: Facebook event)

Track list:

1."Awaken from the Dark Slumber (Spring)"

Part I: "The Dark Slumber"

Part II: "The Awakening"

2."The Forest That Weeps (Summer)"

3."Eternal Darkness (Autumn)"

Part I: "Haunting Darkness"

Part II: "The Call of the Dark Dream"

Part III: "Beyond the Infinite Universe"

Part IV: "Death"

4."Loneliness (Winter)"

The band had been promoting their album for the past two months.

It is known that Wintersun has a huge fan support so it is expected that the concert will have great attendance.

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