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NORD's video for the song "Play Restart" is out

NORD, the alternative rock band from Rijeka (Croatia) released the official video for their song Play Restart.

(Photo: NORD)

(Photo: NORD)

"This is the first song we wrote as a band. The song speaks about new beginning and it was obvious from the start that was

also going to be the title for our first album. That just made sense from the beginning", said Mihael Prosen, vocal/bass in NORD.

In the video directed by Ira Tomić & John Kardum, Mihael is fighting for his life in a video game which becomes 3D action ( It combines elements from the video game and elements filmed on set. After the video was released, Mihael wrote a sincere message from the heart on his Facebook page:

"Big thanks to John & Ira for this, if you ask me, master piece". They even put ours everyday music situations in this short text which is worth reading and I am now sharing it with you. Without editing, in their genius way of thinking, this is what they said":

"There is no "easy". It's the same with this video. It was not easy, there was a lot of work to do, but our mission is to give the music the visual interpretation, I was always thinking that way and seeing movies while listening to the music. I realised a long time ago that I am not interested neither amused by "doing a job". So every time we are doing something, we are truly doing everything we can in the production which does not exist and we are dealing with compromises all day long. Like in every other country, Croatia has her geniuses, in music, film, art, literature, science, economics.., but this geniuses stay under the radar, in this ideologically collapsed and consumerist society. Good pop music in Croatia is now called 'alternative', which obviously is, and that is why a lot of people is missing out on resources with which their ideas, knowledge, talent and most of all hard work would be rewarded. But there is no surrender, no giving up, no justification, no running, no regret, no shoulder padding.., we believe in hard work, in the crazy, stubborn effort to do what you love and I believe that in the end you are happy, at least enough to not be unhappy or uninterested. And so, to sum up, if I would want to be smart, I would probably write: what is life if not a video game? Greetings from Ira & John".

The video is very interesting to watch and it is obvious that there was a lot of work to do. It is truly something worth watching. NORD truly surprises every day, and it is always nice to see our domestic (rock) music scene grow.


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