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Lizatori pizdere & Brijačina kojona live, in Club Uljanik on the 13th of August 2021. Tickets can be found in Rock bar Mimoza. The best things happen in the most difficult times. Special edition Viva La Pole! brings back the performances of popular Pula bands from the nineties Lizatori pizdere & Brijačina kojona. These are bands that enjoy kind of a cult status, both in Pula and Istria, as well as many other parts of the former state (ex Yu area). Continuing as their furious escape from the turbulent realities of the early 1990s, the war years, channeling everything positive that Pula was trying to keep at the time, through a completely unencumbered approach, melting jokes into reality, and everything that turned dissatisfaction into creativity, Lizatori and Brijačina definitely were sort of spas in maintaining a positive spirit. In addition to spontaneous socializing, and a cassette recorder that recorded all currently jumped works, along with the base lineup, many Pula musicians with an independent scene in Pula provided their participation in Lizatori and Brijačina, and so the story itself grew into a kind of reflection, a stamp of recognizable Pula - relaxed, special… Stylish, not robust with conventional rules, Lizatori and Brijačina through punk, rock, metal, hardcore manner, "anti show business approach" literally fired short songs that became "eternal" thanks to the team and a kind of "anthem" alternative the scene of these spaces. When everyday life becomes extremely difficult to digest, Lizatori & Brijačina enter the scene. The coronavirus pandemic opened the door to a reunion and a desire to release the negative energy of ubiquitous circumstances, through a concert night, a kind of catharsis, fun, jokes, and much unforeseen, characteristic for Lizator & Brijačina concerts. On Friday, August 13, on the terrace of the Uljanik club, in the company of the best team in the world, 68 songs by Lizator & Brijačina will resound, with a show and jokes whose course no one can predict. Guest appearances and much more have also been announced.

The concert program will start exactly at 20:30, while the time of entry to the terrace of the club Uljanik with warm-up and DJ program will be known by the end of this week.

Entrance to the concert space, the terrace of the Uljanik club, despite all previous efforts and attempts, will be possible only with the application of Covid certificates that include vaccinated persons and those who have suffered from covid in the last six months. For all those who do not meet these two conditions, and want to come to the concert, a test will be organized at the entrance to the club, the price of which will be known from Monday 9.8. We said - we will not give up, but with you, the best audience, we will show that we can do the "impossible" and create an evening to remember.

Info and posters: Zlatko Gotovac


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