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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Viva La Pola!, a traditional festival in Pula, finally returned after 3 years.

From punk and rock to metal, the bands showed how the lineup can be very diverse and yet very well combined. Something for everyone.

The Festival was a one-evening showtime but it was a long and crazy night indeed.

It is not hard to tell that the public was eager to enjoy live music. The place was full and what's better to see than live music with a big crowd to support the bands?

Rojc once again showed to be an amazing place for alternative events. A lot of people came just to enjoy the crowd in front of the entrance and to hang out until the end of the event.

However, a lot of tickets were sold and the entrance was never empty, which is always great to see.


PARAF (punk, post-punk)

DEBELI PRECJEDNIK (melodic hardcore, punk)

KEOPS (heavy, thrash, groove metal)

KREŠO I KISELE KIŠE (punk, rock, ska)

FREAKTION (alter rock)

POKRET OTPORA (punk rock)

RAZOR (blues, hard rock)


Author: Patrik Zubaj Photography


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