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A very musically extreme end of July under the direction of Hangtime will be opened by the blackers UADA, who return to Zagreb after five years, followed by Cradle of Filth (Tvornica kulture, 27.7.) and Suffocation and Porazium (Močvara, 29.7.). On the wings of the latest video "Retraversing The Void", on July 25 in Močvara, UADA will play hits from their last album, as well as the biggest hits of their career so far, so fans of bands such as MGLA, Gaerea, Kanonenfieber Groza must not miss this concert.

Tickets at a presale price of 21 euros can be purchased online through Hangtime ticketing ( or at Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 34). If there are any left, 25 euros will be the price of the ticket on the day of the concert.

Croatian black metal lovers are already well acquainted with this band, for whom this will be their third performance in Močvara. The whole story begins in 2014 in Portland, and according to them, the band's name means "haunted" in Latin. Their sound can be classified in the drawer of melodic black, stylistically in many ways close to bands such as the aforementioned Mgla, Gaerea, Kanonenfieber and Groza... Jake Superchi, the band's founder, cites Dissection, Danzig as influences, but there is also a pinch of NWoBHM- and, grunge and gothic. They have released four studio albums so far: Devoid of Light (2016), Cult of a Dying Sun (2018), Djinn (2020) and the most recent Crepuscule Natura from last year. The name of the local support group for this concert will be announced soon. See you on July 25 in Močvara!

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29.7. Suffocation, Porazium @Močvara

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21.10. Alcest @Boogaloo

23.10. Septic Flesh, Equilibrium, Oceans, Scar of The Sun @Boogalooo

4.12. Evergrey, Klogr @Močvara


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