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The new album was released in January this year. Tell us about that, having in mind the circumstances in which the world has found itself in the last year and a half.

We completed the new album in early 2020. We wanted to present it to the public with a video for the song Tell Me and a concert tour. However, the reality was a little different. The earthquake in Zagreb disrupted plans to shoot the video and everything got delayed. The epidemiological situation got worse and we decided to wait with the release of the album. At the end of 2020, we decided to release the album and spend the time provided for concerts and tours by creating new songs.

The album is available for download on our bandcamp page ( or for streaming on all online services (Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, etc.)

The video got released on your birthday. What is hiding behind this new video?

Do you have in mind another video coming out soon? There are a lot of new songs..

Often, especially at the time of a pandemic, the past holds us slaves and prevents us from living in the given moment. The plot of the video for the song Diamonds shows the desire to let go of the past and to be awaken to the present. We plan to record and release at least two more videos for the songs from this album but we will not reveal any details just yet.

What do you have in mind until the end of the year? The situation with the pandemic should be better, will there be a concert we should be looking forward to?

If the measures allow, we definitely plan to become active through concerts and present the album to at least our local audience. So far, we don't have any definite plans but we are investigating the situation and our options.


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Photos: Ivana Majnarić


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