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Spettacolo Dell' occulto - a mystical event in the magnificent Circolo Hall

On the occasion of Halloween, the Ri Rock Association brings a cultural response to all the nonsense events that occupied the city during this mysterious and old holiday. Thus, on November 5, 2021. (Friday) in an attractive Circolo ceremonial will be happening an evening dedicated to the dark side of art; Spettacolo Dell' occult.


Overture: For the very opening of the evening, an overture was prepared with a short dialogue of the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri in Italian. Follows… A concert crescendo to remember. We are proud to present the performance of the uncompromising band GRČ! Shock and ferocity will elevate the evening atmosphere when Zoff and his "creepy orchestra" step on stage and so bring a unique event you don’t want to miss.


Intermezzo: During the concert break, a monologue from the dark side of Italian literary history will be held and announced the epilogue of the evening.

Epilogue: The final act will immortalize the performance of Rijeka's doom metal band Old Night. These prominent musicians of the Rijeka region will enrich the dark atmosphere with their gloomy notes and next to the Circolo hall itself, as a magnificent backdrop, turn the event into an unforgettable experience for Halloween.


Dress code: Visitors are invited to magnify the event by choosing elegant costumes with a theme: mysticism, vamp occultism and camouflage mysteries with an emphasis on black, black and only black.

Entrance: Circolo Hall will open its doors at 9pm and escort guests exactly at midnight. The ticket for this festive evening is 60kn, and the number of seats is limited, so guests are invited to book the same on time. Tickets can be reserved via the link below and thus secure a place at the event, it is possible to make a payment with a transaction in advance or in cash at the entrance 30 minutes

before the start of the event.

Link for reservations and payment:

Reserved tickets must be picked up no later than 30 minutes before the start of the event, otherwise the reservation is canceled. * At the entrance to the Circolo hall it will be necessary to present a COVID digital certificate, a negative test or evidence of COVID-19 recovery in the last 6 months. For those without a Covid passport it will be secured testing at the entrance at a price of 30kn.

Info & photos: RiRock


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