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SOULCASE | 'Hungry Eyes' cover

Source: Soulcase

Soulcase from Rijeka released 'Hungry Eyes', cover of the song that marked the cult classic from the 80s 'Dirty Dancing'. After the release of their debut EP 'Devour', their new single 'Hungry Eyes' presents the popular song in a different, darker and heavier version, revealing a whole new dimension. This hit, which was at the very top of the world radio charts in 1987, was originally performed by American pop singer Eric Carmen. The song and accompanying video were recorded in Gis studio with producer Matej Zec.

It's interesting how they picked an 80s classic and made a completely different version of it. The song sounds new, fresh and modern but you can still hear the original lyrics which reminds you that you're actually listening to a cover. Soulcase definitely keeps surprising us.

A year ago we did an interview with the band so if you haven't watched it, you can find it here.

Soulcase is an alternative rock band based in Rijeka, Croatia. The beginning of the band dates back to 2019, when a group of friends decided to end their current musical projects and make a step forward in their creative journey. During 2020, the band’s lineup was completed. The soundof Soulcase is a blend of dark and heavy riffs, complemented with catchy and inviting melodies which give a simple, but necessary formula for getting in touch with primal emotions. The songs reflect inner fears, emotions, relations and doubts. The band’s music and lyrics are heavily influenced by closely related art forms, such as horror and psychological books and movies.

(band's Facebook page)


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