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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Italian thrash death metal band SIYLIT will release their new album “Disinformation Paradox” on October 1st via Volcano Records.

SIYLIT are a metal band based in Verona (Italy) formed in 2010 by longtime friends Matteo Ballottari (guitar), Frank Ambrosi (voice), Andrea Franzoni (guitar), Matteo Galbier (bass) and Paolo Perazzani (drums). SIYLIT sound is inspired from bands like Slipknot, Korn, Pantera, Sepultura. Aggressive and groovy guitar riffs, thundering drums and kick-ass voice are the basis of this blasting 5-pieces band with a peculiar orientation for odd times supporting the feelings of the music produced. Members of the band are well experienced musician based in Verona: Matteo Galbier, Matteo Ballottari and Paolo Perazzani were members of the Italian metal band ARTHEMIS, recording several full-length albums which received worldwide enthusiastic responses, especially from Japan, where the band was distributed by the major label Avalon Marquee, and opening for band as Cradle of Filth, Blaze Bailey, Within Temptation. Frank Ambrosi and Andrea Franzoni were part of a band named Sickbed, which become a legend in Verona, due to their aggressive and violent stage performances, opening for bands like Marduk, Dew-scented and Skanners. SIYLIT released in 2014 their first full length album entitled “Unidentified Human Object” available in streaming and digital stores. At the end of 2020 SIYLIT recorded their second full length album entitled “Disinformation paradox”. The 10 track of DISINFORMATION PARADOX represents a further evolution of SIYLIT sound toward a more aggressive but original songwriting. DISINFORMATION PARADOX was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Rogue Studios (London).

"Disinformation Paradox" tracklist:

1. Disinformation Paradox

2. Right Here, Right Now

3. Prophets Of Hate

4. Blood Red Fame

5. Hold Back Time

6. Who’s To Blame

7. Upgrade Yourself

8. Skyline In Black

9. Evil Rising

10. Happiness in Busyness

SIYLIT Line-up:

Frank Ambrosi - Voice

Matteo Galbier - Bass

Matteo Ballottari - Guitar

Andrea Franzoni - Guitar

Paolo Perazzani - Drums


Right Here, Right Now [OFFICIAL AUDIO] -


Prophets Of Hate [OFFICIAL VIDEO] -

More information at:

Info and photos: Split Screen PR


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