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Sabaton once again showed how amazing they are live.

With crazy fire shows, lights and visuals throughout the whole show, their constant communication with the public, laughter, joking around and playing their songs with the public singing along, and all of this happening at the beautiful Open Air Theatre @ Opatija - this was truly an amazing concert.

The band started the concert at 21h and they opened the setlist with Ghost Division.

Besides that, they played To Hell and Back, Carolus Rex, Christmas Truce, Soldier of Heaven, Primo Victoria, Swedish Pagans, Night Witches, Bismarck, Great War, etc.

The crowd gave strong feedback. As always, Sabaton had an amazing public because they truly have a powerful fanbase.

The concert lasted until 22.30h, the merch was sold out and it’s not hard to say that the band itself was pretty surprised with the audience and the amazing atmosphere they’ve been enjoying the whole evening.

Everything went so well that people stayed after the band said their goodbyes and left the stage, strongly believing they would come back. That’s how good the concert was.

Thank you Sabaton and please come back to Croatia - again.

Also, thank you Festival Opatija and Open Air Theatre for a great show and a really beautiful venue.


Author: Patrik Zubaj


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