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RI ROCK FESTIVAL | 10.-11./12.2021 | RIJEKA

10.-11.12.2021. EXPORT DELTA

As in previous years, the Ri Rock Association through the festival provides author bands with the opportunity to perform in front of an audience to present their work. Through its 42 releases, the Ri Rock Festival has remained one of the oldest and most famous music events in the region for non-established bands, and so far many musicians have grown into today's most famous rock performers in Croatia and beyond. Selected bands were given the opportunity to perform, without the classic concert competition of bands with the support of musicians who have contributed to the regional alternative scene throughout history. On Friday, December 10, 2021 The young bands will be supported by Atomsko sklonište, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. Their performance will be preceded by performances by bands: Soulcase (RI), Zenoth (RI), Hand Of Apollo (RI), Freaktion and FANAA. It is worth noting that Rijeka's FANNA won Ri Rock Kipić at last year's festival, in the category Nove nade. On Saturday 11.12.2021. guests from Novi Sad will arrive - Atheist Rap, who from their beginnings in the late 80's until today with their music persistently fight against hatred and stupidity. Their sarcastic humor is universally needed and applicable in this area, especially in the times we live in today. Their performance will be preceded by performances by bands: Johnny Quid (RI), The Low Kicks, Sick Sheets, Fervent Inc. and Restless Sea. The festival program of the 40th edition includes the Ri Rock Kipić awards ceremony, which will be presented this year through both evenings. The host of the award will be Lorena Zec, a psychologist and women's rights activist who works during the day at the Counseling Center for Victims of Partnership and Sexual Violence, and at night turns into a real fan of the Rijeka rock scene.

Ri Rock Kipić 2021. The winners in certain categories, in addition to Ri Rock Kipić, which was made this year by the team from the RiUse center, will be awarded with rich prizes provided by the festival's sponsors. Tattoo studio Do Kosti rewards with a tattoo worth HRK 2,000, Profectus Media with a free video recording, while the Ri Rock Association in cooperation with Mara Prpić gives two photo sessions for bands worth HRK 1,500. Album cover art design and t-shirt art are donated by All Things Rotten, Ghost Tattoo & Laser removal and MOSK, and 30 Lumer Shop T-shirts are printed. Vouchers (HRK 1,500, HRK 2,000 and HRK 3,000) for the purchase of music equipment are donated by the Euromusic Agency and the Ri Rock Association, and Studio Palach 30 hours of recording + mix. In addition, the winners in certain categories will receive tickets for the 11th Rijeka Tattoo Expo, an album review on the Moja Rijeka portal (Vlado Simcich Vava) and an interview in Novi list. Radio Rijeka and Radio Korzo will reward the winner in the Single 2021 category (Ivica Vrkić) by broadcasting singles throughout 2022 and interviews. Donation action In addition to collecting donations for the Dog Shelter that takes place at most events organized by the Ri Rock Association, donations will also be collected for nine-year-old Tin. The action is carried out in cooperation with the Rijeka Tattoo Expo, the Rijeka tattoo convention where the action started and the Municipality of Kostrena, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Kostrena, the Kostrena Cultural Center and the Ri Channel. Tin was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (spastic tetraparesis) at the age of two, which means that both his arms and legs were affected. As a result, Tin is not yet able to walk and has difficulty using his hands and is non-verbal. Despite that, Tin is in 2nd grade of elementary school. For the past more than seven years, Tin has been on various therapies in Croatia and abroad that have helped him develop. In order to enable Tin's further progress and facilitate her movement, he needs various disability aids. Ri Rock Association has been holding projects and workshops for children with disabilities for several years and has decided to get involved in the donation campaign, so donation boxes will be set up at the festival on both evenings where visitors can make voluntary contributions.

Tickets, COVID info and merch The price of a one-day ticket for the festival is 35 kuna, while the price of the festival ticket is 60 kuna. Tickets will be on sale only at the entrance of the festival, so without pre-sale. To participate in the festival, a COVID certificate will be required, and for all those who do not have it, testing at the entrance will be provided at a price of 35 kuna. Along with other merch of the festival, a fantastic poster made by Ivan Montan from Do Kosti tattoo studio will be on sale at the entrance. The poster contains numerous details that keep Rijeka and its scene, and the motifs from the poster will be found on this year's festival T-shirt and badges. Everything will be available for purchase at affordable prices, ideal for fans of the Rijeka scene and gifts for the upcoming holidays. The doors of the festival open every day at 7 pm and close at midnight. The festival will be held in compliance with all measures prescribed by the Civil Protection Headquarters in force, with the mandatory wearing of protective masks and maintaining distance.

Info and banner: Ri Rock


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