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Photo by Simon Pelko

Ljubljana’s Underground Legends NOCTIFERIA unleash Intriguing New Video 'Smrt za Smrt'!

Today, May 4th, Ljubljana’s underground legends NOCTIFERIA have premiered their intriguing new video "Smrt za Smrt" (Death for Death). The song is taken from the band's latest album 'Reforma (tribute to Laibach)', released on May 28th 2021 via Blood Blast Distribution / Nika Records.

The band shared:

""Smrt za smrt" is one of the older Laibach songs we've re-made and it is also the last video we'll release for the "Reforma" album.

It is one of the most twisted and sick songs on the album with a horror-like atmosphere that we've partially transferred into the video that was shot on a remote location deep in the woods.

The title translates into "Death for Death" and we've kept the lyrics in Slovene language, same as the original version.

Fun facts: It's the first whole song we ever did in our home language and the children's voices were recorded by Igor's daughters." - Noctiferia

Watch "Smrt za Smrt" video premiering here:


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