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50 days left until New Metal Festival!

New Metal Festival is a project through which the organisers want to give new, young bands the possibility to play on the bigger stage and to have this unique feeling of being part of something bigger. They will get the needed experience like playing for larger audience, respecting stage timings and changeovers, and all other priceless things which the band can learn only while playing on bigger stages. And this is not everything; The Festival added one known band as a headliner each evening (HateSphere and Rectal Smegma) and there will be New Metal Festival Merchandise for all of you who would like to support this.

Also, most of these bands are selling Hardcopy tickets for MetalDays 2020 and by purchasing tickets from bands, you are directly supporting them and the future of Metal! The number of tickets is limited, so hurry up and get yours in time.

List of bands selling tickets for MetalDays 2020:

Beyond God (NL) - Dethrone The Corrupted (SI) - Fields Of Troy (BE) - HATS BARN (FR) - Incursed (ES) - INFINITAS (CH) - INSOLVENCY (FR) - Signs Of Algorithm (BE) - TELEPORT (SI) - When Plagues Collide (BE) -

New Metal Festival tickets:

See you all in Tolmin!

Info and poster: MD


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