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The legendary BIOHAZARD returns in its classic line-up. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a mosh pit after so many years with hits such as Punishment, Tales From The Hard Side, Urban Discipline and Shades of Grey.

For fans of Hard-Core music, we bring another fantastic band. TERROR will certainly shake you up with their energetic performance.

KEEP OF KALESSIN return with their most epic work to date!

The pioneers of Epic Extreme Metal have crafted an album that will hit both hard and direct as well as challenge the listeners with its rich detail and enormous atmosphere. Can't wait to hear new songs live at Metaldays 2023.

Finnish frontrunners WOLFHEART have proven themselves to be one of metal's most captivating acts of northern heritage and one of the fastest rising bands in the international melodic death metal scene.

Their show should not be missed.

We first noticed MASS HYSTERIA from France at EMFA (European Metal Festival Alliance), and we immediately wanted to bring them to Slovenia.

HANABIE is a metal band from Tokyo formed in 2015. Girls describe themselves as an angel with the voice of a devil. Listen to them, you will be surprised!!!

We close the package of new bands with two young bands STENGAH and THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS.

New announcements are expected soon, and if you have not yet secured your ticket for MetalDays 2023 in Velenje, visit the links below.

Text and poster: MD


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