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1. Camping & Parking zone no longer exists due to the lack of space caused by the construction site on the bypass road, and the Municipality's required distance from the cemetery in the 50m lane. 2. The main beach is no longer part of the festival area by the decision of the Municipal Council on March 29, 2022. For you, this means that you will normally be able to spend your time on the beach as before. The difference is that we, the organizers of the festival, will not have any additional programs on the beach, we will not have a bar and food stalls, and we are not responsible for safety in the water and on the coast, which means that we will not have any staff on the beach. The use of the beach is solely at your own risk. The beach is open to anyone who wants to come to the beach, so you can expect that the beach will not be just visited by the festival-goers. An additional hassle-free wristband check will be set up near the 2nd stage, similar to 2021. Weekend of Solace visitors knows what we are talking about. 3. By the same decision of the Municipal Council, it was decided that the music program may not exceed eight hours per day. For this reason, we have a shorter music program on both stages and no DJ program during night hours. 4. The additional program that took place on the main beach will be partly moved to the area in front of the 2nd stage. A detailed schedule of the additional program will be announced shortly before the festival. 5. The space for Campers, and for visitors who have purchased an Electric Plug upgrade (regardless of coming with or without a car) is conditioned by the Decision of the Municipal Council of 22.06.2021. The same decision does not allow festival camping for more than 7 days. We have already announced that early Arrival is possible from 22.07.2022, and it was our fault. At the time of publication, we did not know about the decision of the Municipal Council from 22.06. 2021.

Arrival: 23.07.2022 (Early Arrival), and 24.07.2022 (Regular Arrival).

ABC section is updated accordingly.

A detailed map of the festival, with all the positions that are interesting to you, and which will allow you to easily plan your stay at the MetalDays festival, will be published shortly before the festival.


See you in Tolmin!


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