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Source: MD


“Dear friends,

we hope you had a loud weekend.

As promised, we are sharing with you the current situation regarding the bypass road in Tolmin and what impact it has on MetalDays 2022.

The construction site will take up a large part of the camp space as well as the space where our main stage stands.

Therefore, it is necessary to make certain changes in the configuration of the festival itself.

Although the festival is feasible in the same dimensions as before, the following changes are necessary:

1. Group camping will not be possible this year.

2. Parking & Camping part of the festival camp will be much smaller than usual.

3. A certain number of cars will have to be parked about 5 min walking distance from the festival in the area we normally used for additional 1day parking.

4. The main stage will have to be slightly smaller than usual and there are two options regarding the location:

Option A: The main stage remains in the same place as before. The area of the main stage will be smaller than usual, and the place for visitors will be obtained in such a way that the big tent behind the mixing desk tower will be removed.

Option B: The main stage moves to the 2nd stage position, and the 2nd stage goes to the New Forces Stage location, near the second beach.

For now, we are not 100% sure which of these two options will be final, but we guarantee that in no case will you be deprived of the experience you are used to and expect from MetalDays.

The festival map will be published sometime in May when we are 100% sure what all the changes in the setting of the festival will look like.

We want you to know that we are really enjoying the production of the 2022 festival. It is great to be back at what we do best and we can’t wait to see you all together again after such a long break.

Enjoy life!”


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