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New bands were added to the 2020 lineup!

Starting off with Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons plays Motörhead! The perfect act to honour our Lemmy stage - it doesn’t get closer to Motörhead than this!

Sick Of It All - the prime example of New York hardcore scene! These guys have been around for more than three decades and they know how to put on a great show.

Toxic Holocaust - a ferocious mixture of classic punk, metal and hard rock and straight-in-your-face attitude - hell yeah!

Switching to the direction of groovy metalcore with MALEVOLENCE! As their name says, they are up to no good, so let’s see what they have for us!

Adding some more of it with For I Am King - brutal, melodic, female fronted death metal/metalcore band from the Netherlands - definitely worth checking out!

On the death metal side we have Bound To Prevail - a death metal band which leads the forefront of the metal scene in Malta.

Or how about some progressive death/black metal, like Demonic Resurrection? These guys are coming all the way from India and will show us their own interpretation of extreme metal genres.

Adding some thrash there, we are continuing with Darkfall, Austrian thrashed death metal band, known to the extreme metal world for more than 20 years.

For sure we need some doom death metal as well - please welcome Pilgrimage - a newer band, but ready for serious things!

Speaking of doom, we give you Chains (Official) - Slovenian dark hypnotic doom metal band, which will gladly bring their hypnotic rituals to Tolmin!

The Committee - band - an international collaboration of four black-doom musicians from diverse nationalities, united under the themes of occultism, history and conspiracy theories.

And last but not least, SkyEye Band - another Slovenian band added to the lineup. If you like that classical heavy sound of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Saxon, you are going to like SkyEye as well.

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