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New names were added to the MD 2020 line up!

Naglfar - Naglfar combines the ferocity of traditional black metal with the subtle melodic overtones of those early melodic death albums that put Sweden on the map. Carefully balancing those seemingly opposing forces, the past 15 years has allowed the band to carve their own distinct path.

Blood Red Throne - Official - Norwegian death metallers Blood Red Throne exist for 22 years already and they are known for their energetic and connecting live-shows. They released their 9th full-length album last year and they are bringing some of it to Tolmin as well!

Hegemone - Evoked around 2012 with one plan in mind - to fight noise with noise! Hegemone is a crushing wave of sludge, doom, blackgaze and post-black metal from the cold woods of Poland - just perfect for the woods of 2nd stage at MetalDays! Noctem - Noctem is a Blackened Death Metal band with a long trajectory of more than 15 years and they are one of the most active extreme metal bands from Spain. Extreme music, aggressive shows, blood and fire is their mark. Ritual Day - one of the oldest Chinese black / death metal bands, Ritual Day is a special act known for their quite … ritualistic performance. Beware... TRUCHŁO STRZYGI - one of the most interesting young Polish groups of recent years. Their work is an original combination of black metal and punk. Don’t miss this one! Whiskey Ritual - born from an idea of two talented individuals who wanted to create an old school black metal band, like Venom, the first Bathory and Hellhammer. It was their precise intention to give birth to something rotten, dirty and violent, with no compromises.

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