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4 French metalheads who are involved in metal Festivals - Hellfest, Otargos, Cause 4 Konflikt and ACOD - are on a vacation in Pula and they decided to organise a special METAL MEETING on the 6th of 2020 at Mimoza Bar in Pula. They will bring a bag of presents for metalheads, such as CD albums, samplers thirts, shooters, keychains, patches, cap, whristbands, lanyards, badges, stickers, goodies etc.

The idea is to share beers and fun with local metalheads having in mind that this year is quite different than previous ones. Come & invite your friends!

But, first of all, stay safe!

The event will take place at Mimoza Bar in Pula, at 21h, on the 6th of August.

Info and posters: Facebook event

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