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Metaklapa is a Croatian a cappella metal band that interprets songs by Iron Maiden without any instruments at all, but with brilliant polyphonic vocals. Actually, "Klapa" describes a musical group that sings passionate and upbeat, polyphonic Croatian a cappella folk songs. This centuries-old singing style is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and comes mainly from Dalmatia and southern Croatia. All six members sing in several Klapas and have been cultivating this style for years.


Tell us more about the idea behind Metaklapa.

The idea was born after one recording session our klapa had in Marko Matijević's studio. We were recording a piece for Omiš klapa festival, Marko heard us, we've noticed he has a lot of pointy guitars and that he's a metalhead (which obviusly we also are), so we came to the idea to try and combine those two worlds. We've chosen to cover Iron Maiden specifically since, as funny as it may sound, their music actually has a lot in common with klapa singing; it is very melodic and the vocal lines are very adaptable for singing in parallel 3rds, the interval which klapa singing is based on. Musically, the idea is for it to stay true to both Maiden and klapa singing as much as possible: we are trying to convey the power, melodies and general atmosphere of Maiden's music and we do it as klapa should – using only our voices.

Not so long ago your first song (and video) was released. The feedback has been amazing so far, the views, likes, comments.. Did you expect that?

Honestly, we were (and still are) very surprised with the feedback and all of it. You never know what to expect when you're doing something like this so obviously, we are very happy!

Your album The Choir of Beasts will be released in late January 2022. Can you share with us some details regarding the upcoming album?

As you've said, the album is set for release in late January – 28th of January 2022 to be exact. It will be released on NoCut/ SPV label for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and on Menart label for Croatia. Also, it will be released on both CD and vinyl. It will feature some of the most popular Maiden songs, along with some of our favorites. That is all we can say...for now.

What are your future plans, besides the album? Do you plan to do some live shows soon?

There are live shows planned in the future, given the current situation with COVID 19 hopefully comes to an end. It goes without saying that we are very excited and looking forward to performing the material in a live setting!

If you have any other thoughts, feel free to share.

There will be some updates and some new stuff published prior to the album release, so stay tuned. And, of course, up the Irons!

Metaklapa's new single, Blood Brothers, will be released today, on the 15th of October. Stay tuned!

For more info regarding the band, visit their official page:

Photos: Metaklapa


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