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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Text: MD

MERCYFUL FATE is the main headliner for MetalDays 2022!

Without debate, Mercyful Fate was the most sought-after band in all the lineup discussions, and that’s why we’re more than happy to be able to share this news with you today.

Mercyful Fate was formed in early 1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by vocalist King Diamond and guitar player Hank Shermann.

The band was soon in heavy rotation around the core metal radio stations, starting a new breed in Heavy Metal with their unique sound.

Mercyful Fate is widely considered as one of the most important bands for the creation of modern Metal.

Having such an influential band, for the main headliner at MetalDays 2022 is something that makes us very proud.

On the same occasion, we would like to inform you that 300 tickets for MetalDays 2022 have been put back on sale.

You can buy tickets at this link:

In addition, we are working diligently on the confirmation of other bands, and we expect to announce the rest of the lineup soon.

See you all at MetalDays 2022, you don't want to miss this edition !!!

Poster: MD


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