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Cavalera Conspiracy was born after a decade of silence between Max and Iggo, the two brothers who as teenagers founded the legendary pioneer heavy metal band Sepultura in 1984. Across six studio albums, the Brazilian Punishers have perfected the art of darkness (look no further than thrash classics such as Beneath the Remains and Arise) exploring the underbelly of Third World political issues and expanding genre horizons by exploring indigenous culture, culminating in 1996's landmark album Roots.

Max abruptly left the band in December 1996 and soon founded Soulfly, whose seven albums achieved worldwide success and acclaim. His brother stayed with Sepultura for a few more albums before parting ways in January 2006. A few months later the phone rang. Iggor called Max to put aside the disagreements that had followed them both in the press during the ten-year period since they last spoke.

Less than two years later, the metal world was turned upside down by Inflikted Cavalera's debut album Conspiracy. A bold testament to the talent and power these two possess together. On the debut album Cavalera Conspiracy, the brothers were joined by Marc Rizzo (lead guitar) and Joe Duplantier (bass guitar) from the band Gojira (who was unable to tour due to the parent band's schedule). On the second studio album Blunt Force Trauma, Duplantier is replaced by Johny Chow (bass guitar), who is now his permanent replacement, and Logan Mader (former Soulfly guitarist) joins the album as a co-producer. The drums were recorded at a studio in Los Angeles called The Lair ("huge doors, details on the walls; it looked like an old castle"), and the rest of the work took place at Madero's studio in Hollywood.

Blunt Force Trauma with some of the darkest thrash riffs combined with the punk attitude that's always been there (emblematic in the way the brothers have always embraced everything from Black Flag to Agnostic Front, whose singer Roger Miret makes a guest appearance on "Lynch Mob") doesn't there's no denying the power and majesty of Cavalera Conspiracy and the magic that inevitably happens when Max and Iggor team up.

Max Cavalera: "I write riffs all the time and while I'm writing I don't know if it will be for Soulfly or for Cavalera Conspiracy, to tell you the truth I just write them and put them on a CD. But later I listen to demos and choose which song will go to which band because on based on the riff and the rhythm, I know which Iggor will play better." At the festival in Brazil in 2010, Max was able to hang out with Iggoro's family, meeting one of his children for the first time. Max Cavalera is very open about the fact that Cavalera Conspiracy is a metal band.

Cavalera is super metal, it should only be metal, it shouldn't have anything else but metal and hardcore in it. The new album is even heavier and more aggressive than the first one." Although this is all true of course and metal is known to be a very aggressive and sometimes negative genre, there is a huge amount of positivity surrounding Cavalera's story.

"I wanted Cavalera Conspiracy to continue because it's my way of seeing Iggo and playing with Iggo and continuing my musical legacy with him," says Max. "This is the perfect time for us. We get along great - really, really great. That festival in Brazil for about 100,000 people was one of the best shows I've done in my whole career. It was killer to play with Iggo again, I really, really enjoy playing with him."


From the metal underground, Croatian death/thrash metallers Infernal Tenebra released the critically acclaimed album "New Formed Revelations" in 2012, published by Massacre Records and produced by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Kreator, At The Gates, Amon Amarth) and has been featured in magazines such as Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and Rock Hard.

Journalists described him as "heavy as a mammoth and furious as a morbid angel" (Reinier de Vries –, "in their mission to sound unique at any cost they continue quite successfully" (ROCK HARD Germany), "artisan" -organized a complex and challenging undertaking" (METAL HAMMER Germany) with "impeccably solid musicianship displayed this is brilliant" (Faye Coulman - Terrorizer UK), "Infernal Tenebra certainly represent a new league of technically skilled Modern Death Metal bands" (Ivan Tibos - ConcreteWeb). The journey to musical excellence continued with the 2016 album “As Nations Fall”, produced by Jens Bogren and released by Massacre Records. The album was well received and became "album of the month" in Powerplay magazine (UK).

Starting with pure black metal in 1999, adding the foundations of death metal in the following years, with two self-released albums "Beneath the Twilight" and "The Essence of Chaos", the band has constantly pushed and developed their sound with hard rock beats, dynamic and technical solos, powerful vocals and a distinctive mix of melodies, grooves and pure brutality.

Sharing the stage and opening for a number of metal icons including Behemoth, Gojira, Kreator, Exodus, Fear Factory and Devin Townsend, the band is extremely passionate about playing live. Infernal Tenebra have played at major metal festivals such as Bloodstock Open Air (UK), Metaldays (SLO), Brtual Assult (CZ), Metalhead Meeting (RO), Trondheim MetalFest (NO), PPM Fest (BE), Gothoom Open Air (SK).

The band has done several tours over the past decade including a 2014 Japanese tour with Rotting Christ and Havok, a 2016 European “Titans of death metal” tour with Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation and Abiotic, a 2017 and 2018 European tour with Six Feet Under and selected a set of tour dates with Testament in 2016. The new album titled “Origins of Hate”, released on October 31, 2022, brings nine new songs, a refreshed line-up, uncompromising attitude and precise performance, with melodies that are tailored for an intense listening experience. The album was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios). The artwork for the album is the result of our close collaboration with Gustav Sazes (Abstrata) and perfectly matches the mood and feel of the album. With its dedication to music, compositions and performance, Infernal Tenebra is a true monument of Croatian extreme metal music.


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