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We asked Mamut some details about their first Croatian mini tour. The band gave us the full report instead so we decided to share it with the public. You can read it below.


With the last show in Rijeka, we wrapped our first ever mini-tour in support of our new Nihilist record. And what a tour it was!

We kicked off on Thursday the 27th and headed out to perform at KSET for the first time. Needless to say, we were a bit itchy due to the fact that we haven’t rehearsed as a four-piece since mid-December. However, we didn’t miss a beat. The crowd was phenomenal and singled out our latest single, Kruna as their favorite. The first show marked a proper return to form that lasted for the remainder of the tour.

On Friday the 28th we headed out to Zadar. We knew the show was going to be a hit because of the hype we received from people on our Instagram page. I’m happy to say that we grossly underestimated the enthusiasm from our fans at Zadar. Not only was the show completely sold out, but we sold a boatload of merchandise, played 3 encores, and had the best gig since the inception of the band. Since then, the word Zadar is a new measurement unit for concert success. We couldn’t shut up about how otherworldly the crowd was for the entire 4-hour ride back.

Finally, we closed the tour with a homecoming gig in Rijeka. It’s important to note that we’ve gotten the thumbs up from the local authorities for the concert only a week before the concert was to take place. We didn’t have any time to promote it and relied mostly on social media posts and word of mouth to get people to come. And the Rijeka fandom did not disappoint. We played our best homecoming gig to date, to an absolutely ecstatic crowd.



Photos: Iva Tomić

At the end of the day, the Ex Nihilo mini-tour was a big, raging success. Given the pandemic and all the logistical challenges that come with it, we played our best shows, to some of the biggest crowds and welcomed dozens of new fans into the fold.

Mamut will return for the next string of live shows, hopefully in the spring. In the meantime, you can stream our new album Nihilist on Spotify and YouTube. There’s still a handful of shirts left from the tour and you can pick them out by sending a DM at our Instagram @mamutrijeka.

Photo: Hana Barić

Let's remind ourselves, we spoke to Mamut last year, Ivo was the first guest for our new section DIPARTICLE TV.

Since then, we've been covering this young band's successes. Stay tuned for more because they are obviously ready for huge things.


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