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Tell us about your plans for the 2022 tour. Are there any details you can share with us?

We are working hard behind the scenes together with Split Screen Management to plan several shows next year. We are most focused in joining major bands tours as support act or festivals instead of running our own tour, since we are still underground. Few gigs are already almost booked, we can't wait to announce them.

General feelings about live shows for 2022 is that everything will be finally back to normal, as you can see, many major bands already planned tours for next year.

Most of our live gigs will be in Europe even if some countries still have covid restrictions.

But we hope for the best.

In 2020 you released the album Earthling/Terrestre. Can you tell us more about the album?

Earthling/Terrestre is our fourth full-lenght (sixth release of our discography including first 2 EP)

We are extremely proud about the album, and the reviews were just amazing.

It was mentioned from several reviewers as our best release so far.

At the beginning of the writing process, we were a little worried, cause it was our new release after 6 year from the previous one. Plus, the first release of every band is quite easy to deliver, since mostly comes from previous ep/demos or previous years of rehearsals.

Second one have the same boost of the first one, since every one is still excited about the first.

The third album is always complicated, because you have to understand which musical direction take once you became "adult", trying to create a personal sound without being repetitive.

Then comes the fourth one. We come together, watching ourselves exclaim "what we do now? how does the new album has to sound? Which musical direction?"

But since the very first written riff, till the last one, everything was just running smoothly and fast. It is a perfect mix of Lunarsea sound. It has the best melodic parts, the best fast parts, and a general prog/power groove that can be heard during the entire listening.

I have to admit, you can hear the entire album from beginning till the end, without being annoyed at all.

First Earthling/Terrestre edition was sold out quickly, and our label "Punishment18Records" printed a second digipack release, with 2 bonus tracks inside.

Entire album has been recorded/mixed at OuterSOundStudios, owned by Giuseppe Orlando, and mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila.

It was the first album where we used an external keyboard player, Dario Tartagni, and we are extremely proud of the result. Plus, we got a very special guest for the song "The Fourth Magnetar". The mighty Bjorn "speed" Strid from Soilwork.

The situation you find yourselves in just after the album got released wasn't easy, when Covid-19 showed up. Were there any plans that just vanished due to the pandemic?

All plans vanished. Everything was cancelled or delayed. New album out, new promotion/booking agency, several live shows planned for summer/autumn, plus the great reviews about "Eartling/Terrestre". All those things made us feeling excited like children, counting days to perform live the new songs.

We released the album on January 2020, made the release party late February and few weeks later our country (and later the entire world) announced the lockdown.

During lockdown and later on, we spent time making lyrics videos and playthrough videos.

Basically almost the entire album has at least one lyric/playthrough delivered.

You are working on the new material for your seventh album. Is there something you can share with your fans?

Our new album will be released, roughly speaking, in the late 2023.

Why? Cause 2023 is a very important date for Lunarsea history. We are going to celebrate the 20 years anniversary since our very first release "Evolution Plan.txt" back in the 2003.

Our writing process is mostly the same. We start from guitar riffs, tons of riffs got already recorded over time (specially during covid restrictions), then we start to put them together as a giant puzzle. Probably this is why our songs have always so many faces, you can notice that we don't follow too much the classical song pattern "Intro, main riff, bridges, chorus, riff, chorus, solo and final outro".

We like to mix elements, try different solutions, by (of course) remembering that we have to write a song that needs to be easy to listen to, it can't only be a shredding mix of riffs.

I can say that the new album will sound surely more progressive than the last one, but be sure, melodic parts will be included as well.

Do you have some thoughts you want to share with your fans and public in general?

We would like to thank all our fans. We are still underground, even after 17 years of our existence.

But we have some very loyal and addicted fans that support us since the early 2000s and continue to follow our work.

That means a lot to us.

Stay lunar.


For more information about the band, click HERE.

Photo: Lunarsea

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