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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Kryn have released their fourth single The Riven Heart, which will be featured on the upcoming EP the band is currently working on.

The release of the single The Riven Heart follows the undeniable success of their first three singles, Waters, The Deceiver and Risset, which is currently on Spotify editorial playlists Got Djent and Progressive Metal, and has been among the top 10 songs on the playlist for several years.

The Riven Heart is a dark story of tragic loss ... of a heart forever broken, with no hope of recovery.

The official video for The Riven Heart was shot by the talented photographer Dubravka Rašić (

The mix and master of the single was made in collaboration with German Pitchback Studios.

The last three strong singles released by the band, Risset, Waters, and The Deceiver have garnered very positive reviews and results from both domestic and foreign media as well as fans.

The latest single The Riven Heart follows the same exciting and successful trajectory.

The Riven Heart is available on all major streaming platforms.


Info & photo: Kryn


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