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Ambiental dark folk concert @ Močvara, Zagreb.

01.09.2022. • 21:00

JULINKO (Italija) julinko.comBandcampFacebookInstagram

40kn / 50 kn

Multiinstrumentalist Giulia Parin Zecchin from Treviso’s coming to Zagreb.

She combines pop with dark tunes which creates an original and very captivating sound.

Her first album Hidden Omens was released in 2015. Since than she released three more albums and a few EPs.

In the past she shared the stage with Xiu Xiu, King Dude, Father Murphy, Bada, Buňuel, Mohammad, Insect Ark, The Cosmic Dead..

She will be performing solo @ Močvara. Usually she’s eather performing alone or in a duo/trio.

Julinko has crafted ghostly pop that never steps beyond its ethereal shroud for long enough to draw even a discernible beat arrangement or riff march. Rather, the goal is one of atmosphere, defying the usual electronic structures ambient requires. Julinko has instead developed the expected sound without any of its typical features. These are all approximated by other means, crafting a darkly beautiful collection of tracks that finish sooner than you’d like.

Deaf Sparrow


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