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The last interview we did with Kryn was in 2019 so we decided to do a follow up now that they are finishing their new EP.

A quick reminder- recently they released their new single, along with a video. Check it out!


How many songs will there be on the upcoming EP? The upcoming EP will contain 5 songs as for now... maybe we'll put an extra acoustic version of one song. Are you planning on playing live sometime soon? If the epidemiological situation will allow it, of course.. Of course we are planning to play live, actually, we're dying to play live We all hope this Covid BS will end soon! We are already contacting some european booking agencies as that is our next step. When will the EP be released? We don't have the exact date for now, but definitely this year. Bearing in mind the past year and a half - how much has this overall isolation and big change affected you as a band? Did you manage to use that time and redirect it to creating new music? Well, as a band, it didn't affect us so much. We focused on writing and releasing new music which is good. Individually, we all went through the Covid infection, we are all good, since we had no serious symptoms. We all had much needed time to find some piece of mind, to recollect and reconstruct as individuals. Can you tell us something more about the newest single, The Riven Heart? About the lyrics, the filming location for the video and your personal vision of it? The Riven Heart is a somber story I wrote for my beloved mother who passed away 7 years ago. We filmed the music video in Serbia in a weird small town called Bela Crkva (White Church). The creative persona and director of the music video was our dear friend Dubravka Rasić - Doodah, who, we don't know why, occasionally lives there . Weird fact was that the video was being filmed on Mothers Day, as we figured out later. I had the idea to shoot the video without the bands performance in it. I wanted a dark, slow motion scenery that will convey the solemn emotion from the song. We think Doodah did a magnificent job, what do you think? Thank you.

Thank you, as always... and thanks to all the fans who support Kryn in any way!


Photo: Kryn


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