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When was the band founded? Tell us more about yourselves and the band.

My name is Jakov Hrkać ( bass/vocals), I'm coming from Rijeka. I've been in to music world my whole life. I have been a longtime friends with Marinko Breulj (guitar) and Domagoj Tatalović (drumms/vocal) and we have been thinking about founding a band for years. Finally, at the end of 2019, the band was formed. I would describe our music as a combination of hard rock and alternative metal with occasional melancholic references. After a lot of thinking, we decided to name the band Fervent inc, a name that describes owning or showing a certain passionate intensity.

You released three singles, the last one (along with the video) came out last month. Tell us more about ‘Sandbox’, the single and the video itself.

Sandbox is our third single and first “pro” video. Domagoj wrote the lyrics, and Marinko set it to music. The song is about a constant struggle with one's own inner demons, which is also the idea of the video. We have tried to show man’s inner struggle between good and evil. The video was shot in a former quarry, in a small town near Rijeka, Grobnik. Franka Goić and Franko Dekleva have the greatest credit for the video, and our good friends Tihomir Brzaj and Nino Stepančić for the recording video.

Are you working on other singles/videos? Do you maybe have an album in mind?

We are constantly working on new material. We currently have no plans to record an album, we are basing our work on releasing new singles and videos that we will combine into one album in the future.

Have you had any live concerts? If not, when will we have the opportunity to watch you play live?

Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to hold live concerts. We hope to be able to do that by the end of the year. We look forward to presenting ourselves and our music to the live audience.

If you have any other thoughts, feel free to share. Thank you all for supporting our music. Stay tune for more. We hope that we will see you all soon live.

Photos: Fervent Inc.


More info about the band:

Jakov Hrkać "Jay" - Bass/Vocals Domagoj Tatalović - Drums/Vocals Marinko Breulj - Guitar



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