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Hot Sunday Blood is an Italian band, formed in Turin in 2013. The sounds are inspired by alternative rock music, with heavy rock influences. Each band member affects the sound in a unique way, coming from different backgrounds, such as metal, stoner, grunge, black metal, prog and new wave. In July 2018 they were called to open for Doyle for the Turin date of his European tour. In May 2019 they organized a mini promotional tour in Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.

After 3 full-length albums they released their new single titled “Here and now”, ft. TREVOR (SADIST).


Tell us about your new single Here and now.

“Here and now” is quite special to us for a bunch of different reasons. It is our first released song that was composed during the pandemic and it is heavily influenced by that. We have a very special guest here, Trevor of Sadist, an artist with whom we had intended to collaborate for some time. Last but not least, the song contains many synth and electronic sounds, a little evolution we decided to try and which is giving back many satisfactory results.

In may 2019 you had a promotional tour in Romania, Croatia & Slovenia. Are you planning something similar in the future?

Yes, we already began planning something similar when the pandemic kicked in and destroyed almost everything. Right now we want to have a more precise prediction about months to come but going again on tour is definitely one of our priorities.

You released 3 albums. Can we expect a new album anytime soon?

Yes, you can definitely expect something new in the future, but we sadly have no plans for a real release at the moment. We are composing and recording new stuff, trying new ideas and new tones. I think the band is in a good shape and we are preparing the best possible to get back to normality.

If you have any other thoughts, feel free to share them with us.

We strongly believe that music and art in general can be one of the pushing motivations to get along with all the shit around us. Everyone lost something in terms of freedom, job, mental health of loved ones in the worst case. We, as a band, tried to stick together using the band itself as a reason to carry on. In our scenario, it served the purpose and we can only hope other people find their solid rock, and stick to it. We would like to thank you for the interview!

Here some links to our social media:

Listen to our music and drop a comment if you feel it’s worth it!


Hot Sunday Blood - "NO WAY OUT" video (Kein Licht)


Hot Sunday Blood - The Long Winter's Embrace

Hot Sunday Blood - Salvation (Tears of Absolution) - VIDEO

Photo & BIO: AnglelsPRmusicPromotion


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