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After more than a month of waiting because completely everything was on hold, Headbanger's Holiday released a Croatian government's decision regarding this year's edition of the Festival, due to situation with the pandemic. We are posting the original release of the Festival.

"Dear Headbanger’s Holiday visitors, Croatian government decided that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, mass gatherings and live events ban in Croatia from 18.04.2020 will be extended until further notice. Based on Croatia’s government decision we are left with no choice but to cancel Headbanger’s Holiday 2020.

Headbanger’s Holiday s team has been working intensively on the 2020 edition and all of us are bitterly disappointed for not being able to enjoy Headbanger’s Holiday 2020 together with you. This cancelation affects us heavily (mentally and financially) and we will need some time to recover and reorganize. This is a real blow for our company, all the artists in the music industry, the whole Istra territory as well as for our subcontractors, volunteers and complete festival crew and their families.

Nevertheless, we support the decision of the Croatian government in this difficult situation. Your health and safety are our top priorities, and our responsibility as promoters is a reason more to follow the instructions and guidelines.

Headbanger’s Holiday 2021 and options for your already purchased tickets. We will let you know about postponed dates for Headbanger’s Holiday 2020 as soon as we have made our decision, which will be based on discussions with all the Agents/Managements/Artists, and with all related festivals in the same time frame as ours. We hope to be able to give you more information about dates and line up very soon. We are doing everything in our power to come up with a suitable solution for all festival-goers within the shortest possible time frame. We are asking for a little bit of patience whilst we work through this. We thank you for your trust during these difficult times."

Info and poster: Headbanger's Holiday


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