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Headbanger’s Holiday confirmed more names for the first edition of the Festival!

The Agonist - coming all the way from Canada, this five-piece female fronted band plays melodic death metal .. oh and they are very good at it! We welcome them to Pula. Cold Snap - one of the best Croatian metal bands at the moment. A fine, cold treat for a hot summer evening. Metalsteel - Slovenian heavy metal institution, storming through the region since 2001. Infernal Tenebra - another big name of Croatian metal scene, “heavy like a mammoth and furious like Morbid Angel”! IGNEA - Ukrainian metal band blending modern sound, symphonic, oriental, and progressive vibes. OMEGA SUN - heavy fuzz rockers, kind of like the “Opium for the masses” - are you ready for that? Ater Era - extreme-metal band from Slovenia, characterized by a primal black and doom metal sound with some psychedelic and ambient interferences. Arises - a newer name on the Croatian metal scene, a combination of Swedish melodeath and modern metal sound. Flesh - last but not least, furious heavy metal/hard rock outfit from Zagreb, definitely worth checking out.

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Info & poster: Headbanger's Holiday

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