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Danijel Bartolić

t's time to announce the second round of bands to perform at GoatHell, which will take place from 27 to 29 July 2023 at Fort Punta Christo in Pula, Croatia.

Bands: Deathless Legacy, Archaic , Miscreance, Hangar 55, SpellScroll and Stranger!

SPELLSCROLL (Croatia) ... coming soon

More about the bands:


Italy’s Deathless Legacy introduce themselves as monsters on stages and in souls. As a grotesque shocking occult female fronted metal band, they wear they alter egos’ costumes and manners, spitting blood and biting the air with bestial fierce as the ultimate monsters worshipping the most powerful satanic forces. From the heart of Italy, horror metallers Deathless Legacy combine hard symphonic solutions and fickle intense vocals to enhance the occult, horror dark themes. Formed in 2006 by singer Steva (Eleonora Vaiana) and drummer Frater Orion (Andrea Falaschi), the band has always been focused on offering to their audience spectacular shows, introducing theatrical performances filled with pathos. In 2014 Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine, Angra, Etherna) joined the band and in 2015 Deathless Legacy won the Italian Wacken Metal Battle. In August, the band brought their horror show at Wacken Open Air. Deathless Legacy have found their rhythm with a highly intensive musical production focused on extremely occult themes. The band has released five albums: Rise From the Grave (2014), The Gathering (2016), Dance with Devils (2017), Rituals of Black Magic (2018), Saturnalia (2020), and Mater Larvarum (2022).

ARCHAIC (Hungary)

Archaic have two full-length studio albums and hundreds of gigs in their long history. After the release of their first album ’Time Has Come to Envy the Dead (2005 Vic Records) and an intensive 5-year period of gigs and tours, including a support tour with Testament, the band was forced to stop for many years becuse of varoius personal reasons and line-up changes, until they reunited again with a new line-up and came back with a brand new release called ’How much blood would you shed to stay alive?’ in December 2017. With help of the label Nail Records, the album was an attachement of the Hungarian Hammerworld magazine thus reaching a wide audience in the country and became immediately popular and received positive reviews and feedback in all the major metal magazines. The album cover made by artist Peter Sallai (Annihilator, Sabaton, Hammerfall) and studio production done by Attila Vörös (ex- Nevermore, Satyricon) were voted as Hungary’s best in 2017 by the Hungarian metal press. The band went on to release new videos, playing as many gigs as possible, both in Hungary and in Europe. One of the most important stage in their life took place in 2019 when they managed to play in Wacken as part of the international Wacken Metal Battle competition representing Hungary and they made it to the 2nd place in the finals, making them the first band from their country reaching such a prominent position. Later on in 2020 they continued the recordings of their upcoming album but unfortunate line-up changes, the covid pandemic and other factors set new obstacles in the way. The most significant change happened at the position of the lead vocalist, as after Tamás left the band, the guitarist, Peter stepped into his place, and it took a while to rearrange and re-record the vocal tracks for the new songs. The new album named as “The Endgame Protocol” was finally finished by the end of 2021. The album was released on 4 March 2022.The album received excellent international reviews, resulting in a growing interest in the band. In Hungary, 'The'Endgame Protocol' was the album of the month in HammerWorld magazine and also opened at no. 2 in the domestic sales charts. Along with the outstanding reception of the album, the band has also received international acclaim.


Miscreance is an italian technical thrash/death band originally formed in 2013 as "Atomic Massacre". They released Demo, Split Ep and finally their first full lenght "Convergence" in Sept. 22 with the collaboration of the labels Danex Records, Unspeakable Axe Records and Desert Wastelands Productions.

HANGAR 55* (Slovenia)

Hangar 55*, a unique and especially energetic heavy metal band, has been part of the music scene for eight years. In 2014, the well-coordinated five set off on a wild and uncompromising musical journey with six original pieces, which were more than well received by the listeners. Despite the initial personnel acrobatics, the creative charge did not abate. After the arrival of the new singer, the team was ready to rock the concert venues. They were soon rewarded for their perseverance and courage by winning the Battle of the bands competition. They cashed in on the prize in the best possible way and recorded a video clip for the song Gasoline, with which the boys drew even more attention to themselves. 2016 was a productive year for the band, as they focused all their creative energies primarily on the preparation and recording of material for the debut album First Aid, which was released in December of the same year. The release of the record was accompanied by a concert tour in Slovenia, but they impressed the most with their performance at the warmup show as part of the Metaldays 2018 festival, where, despite the rain, a large crowd of visitors from all over Europe gathered under the new forces stage, eager for that primal heavy metal energy. During the so-called corona time, Hangar 55* did not rest despite the forced live show shortage. Time and excess energy were devoted to the preparation of material for the new record, and they also took care of the staff renewal or "refreshment". Namely, bassist Gregor Torkar - Šujo and singer Anže Čuk joined the band. This period was more than productive for the band, as at the end of last year (2022) they already released their second album Asylum, which includes the single Pilots, for which they also recorded a video.


SpellScroll is a Croatian heavy metal band, founded in 2020 in Pula, by singer Kristin Damjanovic, drummer Loris Perusko (PxDxT, My Pitbull Lucifer and Dark Omen), bassist Ivan Tadic (Dark Omen), and guitarists Mihael Perokovic and Marsel Mitrovic (Liquid Supercharge). The band is currently in the studio recording their first album "The Realms of the Unseen", which will merge the classic heavy/power metal sound with extreme metal, combined with clean vocals. Coming from different backgrounds of metal music, the band members blend them in one and create their own identity, story and sound.

STRANGER (Croatia) Stranger is a Death metal / Grindcore foursome from Zagreb, Croatia. They are guided by the ancient Greek/Roman/Balkan wisdom "Life is short, therefore the music must be even shorter, with as many tempo changes as possible!". In 2019, the band released their debut album “Self-imposed Exile”, with a lot of short songs and numerous tempo changes, and soon they are releasing an EP called “The lesser man”. If you are a fan of short and aggressive songs, with frequent tempo changes, then you should not miss this band, because "Life is short!".

Keep following the Festival's page for more info.

Warm up party:

Text and poster: GoatHell


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