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Source: GoatHell

The third and final round of bands to perform at GoatHell 2023, which will take place from 27 to 29 July 2023 at Fort Punta Christo in Pula, Croatia: RuinThrone, Dark Sphere, Typhus, Overcast Rain, 17 CRASH and Their ! !The Festival invites all bands that showed interest, but were not booked this year, to stay in touch and apply for 2024!

More about the bands:


DARK SPHERE (Slovenia)


RUINTHRONE (Italy) The Band was founded in 2009 (Rome) after Haedus (vocals) and Alessandro Finocchiaro (bass guitar) replied to Adriano Strinati’s web post. It was some sort of “calling”. The music genre and the band references (Blind Guardian, Helloween, Nevermore and Iced Earth) were exactly what moved us on at that time. We recorded our first EP “Leaden Field” that year and eventually, after Giorgio Mannucci (keyboards) and Nicolò De Maria (guitars) joined the band, we realised our first album “Urban Ubris”. From that moment many life events hit the band: some of us had to focus on their studies and careers, others moved to other countries and some left the band, but somehow this music kept the band alive. Adriano was already writing songs for the new album to come, and we all knew this was meant to be a big step forward for the band. While in “Urban Ubris” every song had its own meaning with several kind of interpretation, “The Unconscious Mind Of Arda” was meant to be a concept album inspired by Tolkien’s world in which we conveyed many existentialist ideas. It had a double purpose: to write music about books we love and to share some important concepts by using a language that all the people who listen to this music genre might enjoy.

DARK SPHERE (Slovenia) Dark Sphere is a Slovenian symphonic black metal band formed in Prekmurje in 2008. The band's musical style evolves around extreme metal, including different ingredients of black, symphonic, gothic and industrial metal.The band has released three albums and one EP over the years, consisting of Dark Sphere (2008), Ophiuchus (2010), Masters of Manipulation (2015) and Gemini (2019). After a few line-up changes, Dark Sphere has found it's core members in Zoltan Durič (guitars, back vocals) who is also the founding member, Aleksej Ošlaj (vocals), Miroslav Žitek (bass guitar) and Darko Senčar (drums). Dark Sphere takes its themes for the lyrics from different mythologies and practices found in ancient traditions and writings. Dark Sphere represents an important part of the Slovenian underground metal scene.

TYPHUS (Greece) Typhus is a metal band from Athens, Greece. Started as Nuclear Terror the band was formed in 2009, with major influences from bands like Megadeth, Annihiator,Testament etc.By the end of 2013 they had formed their own Thrash/Speed sound and eventually the band released their first demo. In February of 2014, the band released its first EP, "Contaminated Salvation", that received remarkably well reviews from Greek and foreign media. Having finished with the recordings of their debut album, the band changed their name intoTyphus, in November 2019. Few weeks later, Typhus' newest album „Mass Produced Perfection” released via Punishment18 records on 25th of September 2020 gathering receiving also great reviews and people's attention reminding of the golden 90s thrash era. (Artwork made by Par Olofsson (Exodus, Immolation, Malevolent Creation, The Faceless etc.). As long as it concern the touring/gigs action of Typhus, here's some interesting participations among many: •TYPHUS supporting Flotsam and Jetsam(Ioannina, Greece 2015) •TYPHUS supporting Possessed (Thessaloniki, Greece 2016) •TYPHUS supporting Warrel Dane(Agrinio, Greece 2016) •TYPHUS supporting I Am Morbid(Athens, Greece 2017) •TYPHUS supporting Dust Bolt(Athens, Greece 2019) •Greek Tour 2021 along with Shadowmass and Hailsteel And also Festivals participation: •Wacken Open Air 2022(Germany) •Riedler Open Air 2022(Germany) •Skulls Of Metal 2022(Spain) •No Sleep Metalfest 2023(Netherlands) •Symbolic Open Air 2023(Czech Republic)

17 CRASH (Italy) Driven by the passion of drummer Phil Hill and singer Ros Crash, Tuscan-based 17 Crash began their crazy journey back in 2011 and that’s exactly when we’re setting our time machine off to travel back in time to the very roots of this band. At an earlier stage, 17 Crash were a true and vibrant synonym of vintage 80s LA Glam Rock Style: big hair, leather pants and loud guitars. Distinctive attire features and growling sounds finally merged into the debut album “Reading Your Dirty Minds” (2015). Right after their first release, the band toured extensively throughout the Italian peninsula while making sure the name of the band was being heard. It was now time to evolve and to explore new sounds, something that could really be identified with the inner soul of the band. It didn’t take that long until they found what they were looking for and that’s exactly what came forward with the release of the second studio album “Hit The Prey” (2018). Finding the right balance between the 80s sound and modern AOR, with the new record the band definitely marked a significant turning point both in terms of musicianship and career approach. Another two years of touring passed until a further stage of evolution with “Through Hell And Back” (2020) reconfirming previous collaboration with long-esteemed colleagues Alessio Lucatti in production and Simone Mularoni for mixing and mastering. The third chapter written by 17 Crash featured groovy heavy riffs, polished sounds and even sharper tunes, effectively establishing the band as a true landmark not only within national borders but in the international hard & heavy landscape as well. 2022 is about to witness the release of the fourth album “Stamina”, a much more complex and profound piece of work written entirely during the endless lockdowns the 2020 pandemic made the world experience. 80s reminiscences cross a particular duality between human struggle and the will to fight and resist against all the odds. It might seem they’ve come a long way, but rest assured they are just warming up for what’s to come.

OVERCAST RAIN ( Latvia) The band was formed in 2014 by Mihails Maslovs (vocals/guitar) and Kolja Kirk (drums) in Liepaja (Latvia). A little later, Viktors Kocanovs (bass) and Daniil Kuznetsov (guitar) joined them. Initially, Dark metal was chosen as the direction in music, in which the group began to work. After several concerts, there were changes in the group. A new bassist Andris Rozentals and a guitarist Andris Alekseevs were recruited to the team. A little later, Victoria Matveeva came to the group for the second vocal and they took another guitarist Markus Rukutis. With this line-up, the group performed at many venues in Latvia, including the Valpurgu Nakts karnevals festival. The team started recording their debut album, but due to the tragic death of Victoria, it was not completed. Shortly thereafter, the team disbanded. In February 2018, Mihails and Andris Alekseevs decided to reanimate the band. Mark Shirokovs was invited for drums. In the late spring of 2018, guitarist Markus Rukutis also returned to the band. At the same time, Daniels Škuburs joined the bass guitar. The group decided to abandon female vocals and from that moment on the sound of the group becomes harder, and Mihails completely takes over the vocal part. Daniels left the band less than six months later and Viktors Kocanovs returned. This composition exists to this day. In the winter of 2018, the band immediately resumed activities, most of the old material was rejected and new material was written, which currently consists of most of the band's repertoire. In the autumn of the same year, the group performed for the first time with a new line-up in their hometown, and a little later they participated in the Fresh Blood competition, where they took second place. The debut album "Since You Die" was released independently in 2020. The song "All Hope is Gone" climbed to number 47 on the Destrokit Rock chart, and the CD charted on the European Metal Chanel internet chart. The second album "My God Hates Me" was released on March 01, 2022. Both albums have been placed in the archives of the National Library of Latvia - as a cultural asset! Now the team is busy recording a new album, for which they have prepared 13 new songs. Throughout its history, the band has repeatedly performed at concert venues and festivals in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. He performed in the same program with Italian, Polish, Russian, Lithuanian and Latvian bands.

THEIR (Croatia) Their are a Croatian black metal from Istria formed in 2011 by Histbat on drums and DTT on guitar and vocals. Later in 2012 Phoenix joined the band as lead guitar. The lineup was completed in 2013 with String on bass. In 2017 the band relased the only full lenght album "Ferrum Histriae" via Miner records. Later Phoenix left the band due to personal reasons, from now on the band will continue in a 3 member fomation. Currently the band is writing the material for the new album.

The Festival launched the new WEBSITE where you can find information about the festival, bands, what to do during your stay in Pula and buy festival tickets!

Website creator: Ksenija Mijoković (pen name Xen Randell )

For more info, you can also follow the Festival's Facebook page:


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