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The band 94-96

The band GNU, from Sarajevo, was founded by Nermin Lipa (vocals, guitar), Mirza Ćorić (guitar) i Adnan Duraković (drums) and was active from 1994-1996. Those years were truly hard for people from Sarajevo, having in mind the war and the music scene during that time.

After many concerts held during the war, including their performance at ‘Rock Under The Siege’ in January 1995, the band recorded an album ‘State Of Misery’ which, sadly, never got released.

Soon after the war, the band fell apart.

The original members decided to start again with the band in 2019. With a new member, Džemal Bijedić on bass, the band returned after 24 years. The situation in Sarajevo today,, due to some circumstances, are very much alike the situation from the 90s. The people are afraid, there is a street (police) watch and the band is ready to release their new single. The song, 'State Of Misery' is originally from their non-released album but it was recently recorded again. Due to the current world pandemic and life in isolation, the band decided to release the song via their YT channel, along with a message for the people: 'Stay at home, take care of your loved ones's health and the health of the others and turn up the music!'

Logo: Džemal Bijedić

You can find the song here:

The band will sometime soon record the whole album from the 90s but it is also working on the new material. The concerts are also in their future plan, as soon as this situation with the pandemic passes.

You can follow the band via their official Facebook page:

Band's members:

Nermin Lipa - vokal, gitara Mirza Ćorić - gitara Adnan Duraković - bubnjevi Džemal Bijedić - bas gitara

Fotografija ‘Sarajevo 2014’: Alex Elena

Info and photos: GNU


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